While Iggy Azalea's 2014 MTV VMAs 'Black Widow' performance seemed to go off without a hitch, the same can't be said for her VMAs pre-party performance! The singer fell off stage while singing 'Fancy' -- an incident her choreographer revealed was her greatest fear.

When speaking with MTV, Victor Jackson recalled that Iggy had discussed the potential of falling while on stage days before the moment occurred.

"The funny thing about Iggy Azalea falling off the stage at the ... pre-VMA party was that her and J.Lo had recently, about a week ago, had a conversation," Jackson explained. "And Iggy just said, in the conversation, 'The worst thing that could ever happen to me is to fall on stage.' ... And J.Lo was there at the Avalon for that performance, so when they came downstairs to the dressing room, they had a good laugh about it."

"Iggy bounced back," he added. "She fell off the stage, but she kept rapping, she got back up, the security guys helped her and she just killed the show. I told her, 'That is the sign of a true professional. That is the sign of somebody that is really committed, really focused, really disciplined. Thank god she wasn't badly injured or anything like that and, you know, she can check that off her bucket list. Falling off stage: Done!"

Iggy went on to give one of the most-buzzworthy performances of the 2014 MTV VMAs alongside Rita Ora.

MTV chatted with Iggy and Rita about the sultry performance, including its inspiration!

"This song is so powerful and what the message is, that I think it's very -- it was easy for us to perform it together and it's the first time we're actually performing it together on TV," Rita explained. "It's kind of, for us, it was really important so we remembered it."

"It's a good moment," she added, joking, "And why wouldn't you? It's, like, us."

For Iggy, performing the song in front of an audience changed its dynamics.

"I think people will appreciate that it is -- there's going to be a live music element," Iggy said. "I think that always brings new life to a song ... It has a new kind of life in its performance."

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