"Who dat, who dat?" It's a makeup-free Iggy Azalea!

Like any other female traveler, the 'Fancy' rapper decided to go au natural makeup-wise while at LAX, flaunting her natural beauty and facial features, which are enviable even without makeup.

Dressed in a black fedora and a zippered, forest green sweater, the Aussie star looked somber as she left the airport, though her bare face looked just as beautiful as always. We love how she doesn't even need any kind of gloss or lipstick to make her mouth pop -- and those full lips are definitely something to be jealous of! Though we're used to seeing her in eyeliner and bold lipstick, we love how Iggy Azalea doesn't need makeup to look or feel confident -- she has plenty of that without it!

Check out Iggy Azalea (and see tons of other stars) sans makeup in the photo gallery above.