Iggy Azalea showed up to the 2015 Billboard Music Awards with a total hair makeover -- she sported a long bob (more grossly referred to as a "lob" these days) with dip-dyed pink ends.

Because only one person within the celeb realm is allowed to have a certain type of hairstyle at a time, we're gonna go ahead and make the obvious comparison to Madonna's recently debuted blonde-to-pink ends. You can check out a photo of Madonna's hair on Instagram and decide for yourself whether Iggy intentionally jacked her style or not, because a definitive answer has yet to arise.

To be fair, Iggy went with a more pastel pink than Madonna's brighter hue. And despite the fact that many people may feel an overwhelming desire to refer to Iggy's ends as ombre -- as that has been the trend for a while now -- we're here to let everyone know that ombre is defined by a gradual, subtle blending of one color to another, which is the exact opposite of what's going on with Iggy's hair.

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