Iggy Azalea has had a long, hazardous relationship with Twitter, from public disputes with pizza shops to endless back-and-forth disputes about cultural appropriation with Azealia Banks (which turn into SNL spoofs) to casually revealing collaborations months ahead of schedule. Her Twitter feats go on and on and on.

And, try as she apparently might to escape it with hiatuses and breaks, she just keeps coming back for more.

Yesterday, I-G-G-Y held — what else? — a Twitter Q&A with fans, during which she nonchalantly unveiled the title of her second studio album, which is officially called Digital Distortion.

"digital distortion is not a song title, its the name of my album" she said in response to a fan probing for confirmed song titles. And there you have it!

That's not all: She also revealed that she wrote a verse for Selena Gomez that didn't make the cut, she's planning to tour and put on some big performances during the new era, she's collaborating with an artist on her album artwork, and she doesn't have any features on her album...yet.

This comes after her last info session with fans on Twitter over the summer, in which she revealed that the lead single from her album would drop next year, a making-of documentary was being filmed and that the album may only contain 10 songs.

For more on what's to come with Iggy, keep your eyes locked on her always informational Twitter.

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