Unfortunately, what goes on the Internet, stays on the Internet forever.

Sadly, Iggy Azalea's reps don't seem to grasp the truth behind that statement. The Hollywood Reporter claims the Australian rapper's camp is attempting to delete all online footage of a wardrobe malfunction she suffered from during a recent Bar Mitzvah performance. Iggy was performing for Julian Kemper alongside Nick Jonas when the incident occurred.

Iggy's pants split in a pretty revealing place during a performance of her hit, 'Booty' -- a collaboration with Jennifer Lopez -- and it looks like a few guests recorded the performance and uploaded it to YouTube. Despite her team's best efforts to delete all clips of the malfunction from the Internet, a few remain online. We feel you, Iggy. There are some truly awful LiveJournal entries out there that we wish we could delete from the web and our memories forever, but, sadly, the Internet never forgets.

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