International classical quartet Il Divo used a full orchestra and Peter Pan-like violinists to bring the in-studio audience to their feet during 'America's Got Talent' Wednesday night. The four men sang the title track to their upcoming 'Wicked Game' album, which is available Nov. 28.

The lyrics to 'Wicked Game' were in Italian -- translation not provided -- but talent as obvious as Il Divo's transcends all cultures. Digital flames and a light show helped build tension as the four men traded lyrics. When the aerial team of female violinists dropped from the ceiling the audience erupted. They remained suspended, playing their parts, above the men for the remainder of the song.

Il Divo is a crossover operatic pop group created by Simon Cowell in 2003. Since forming, they've sold over 25 million albums, played during the 2006 World Cup, toured the world and performed on numerous television shows like 'American Idol.' The group includes American tenor David Miller.

Watch Il Divo Perform 'Wicked Game' on 'America's Got Talent'