Italian trio Il Volo caused quite a stir when they sang their version of the Italian standard 'O Sole Mio' on 'American Idol' in May. And like eliminated contestant Pia Toscano, who sang ballad after ballad after ballad, these teens told PopCrush that it is their unwavering dream to one day sing with none other than Canadian diva Celine Dion.

"We love Celine Dion," the band reveals to PopCrush. "We want to sing with her. That would be our dream to sing with her." The group has no preference for which song they'd like to tackle with Dion, saying, "We just want to sing with her." They also joked that rock band AC/DC also ranks up there with artists they'd like to share the stage with.

The "popera" group is paying attention to what is going on in American pop music, saying, "the best of the pop is Lady Gaga right now." It's not surprising that the Il Volo boys have love for Gaga, as she shares their heritage. Remember, her real name is Stefani Germanotta.

Despite their adherence to classic Italian songs that are a vehicle for their powerhouse voices that would make Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti proud, Il Volo are music geeks at heart. "We love all types of music. We love rock. From Lady Gaga to Elvis Presley, we like good music," they explain.

Watch Il Volo Perform 'O Sole Mio' on 'American Idol'