After watching 'America's Got Talent' last night, it became clear that dance troupe and visual spectacle iLuminate are the show's most intricate and captivating act this season. Consisting of nine dancers and iLuminate mastermind/programmer Miral Kotb, the dance team took to the stage in the pitch-black theater wearing light-up suits for their performance to Katy Perry's 'E.T.'

On last night's episode -- the last show before the semi-finals -- iLuminate made it clear that they are here to win. Before their performance, Kotb, a classically trained dancer, explained how she founded the software after being diagnosed with cancer and not being able to dance to the capacity that she once could. Even though she doesn't dance with the troupe, Kotb is truly the brains behind the operation, choreographing all of the routines and sitting on her laptop backstage as she manually programs the light-up suits.

"Dance has always been an emotional release and software development gave me the creative outlet of finding interesting ways to solve problems," Kotb said on the show. "The original concept behind iLuminate came when I was writing iPhone apps two-years ago and it is the first time I have married my two passions ... Every time I light them up, I know my dreams have come true."

The nine dancers of iLuminate performed to a remixed version of Katy Perry's out-of-this-world track 'E.T.' The theatrical performance, which synced up with the music perfectly, incorporated elaborate dance moves and stunning visuals that left us wanting more. Not only did the audience applaud and cheer for iLuminate, the judges went absolutely nuts for them too. Howie Mandel said, "By far the best thing I have seen on this show, I think you are going all the way," while Sharon Osbourne told them, "It is breathtaking -- the dance, the technology, the choreography ... All world class."

We would have to agree. iLuminate is by far the best act on 'America's Got Talent,' in our opinion, and we would definitely fork over some cash to see them if they win the grand prize, which is a headlining act in Vegas. If they take the grand prize, iLuminate could also win $1 million! We wish them the best of luck.

Watch iLuminate Dance to Katy Perry's 'E.T.' on 'America's Got Talent'