Ingrid Michaelson says she's so lost that she has become a 'Ghost' on a new single from her upcoming fifth album, 'Human Again.'

'Ghost' is built around piano but tosses in regular tambourine and drum beats to keep the song in mid-tempo territory. The pleasant melody hides a rather depressing tale in which Michaelson sings that she has been unable to recover from a staggering breakup:

"Do you remember the sound that the door made when you closed it on me? / Do you know that I went down to the ground / Landed on both my broken hearted knees / I didn’t even cry because pieces of me had already died / I’m a ghost haunting these halls / Climbing up walls that I never knew were there / And I’m lost / Broken down the middle of my heart, heart / I’m broken down the middle of my heart."

The story is sad, but Michaelson makes it fairly easy on the ears. Like many of her songs, 'Ghost' is appealing enough to possibly end up in TV shows or commercials. The track is the lead single from 'Human Again,' which drops on Jan. 24.

Listen to Ingrid Michaelson, 'Ghost'