Cross Divergent with Must Love Dogs and you'll land on Amy Schumer's latest sketch like it's a bullseye.

On last night's (June 2) episode of Inside Amy Schumerthe comedian who spent the weekend swapping spit with Tina Fey took on the tall task of finding humor in the petty arguments that are standard of most relationships. Like getting blood from a stone? Perhaps, but the Comedy Central star was no less inclined to try.

In the clip above, Amy, who's dressed in a full black catsuit, has assumed the position of squabble-Sensei, and insists to a group of male students that if they have any hope of surviving their next lovers' quarrel, they better bend their ears.

"You're here to learn to evade and diffuse the ancient art of female emotional combat," Amy says. "Is that a power you wish to possess?"

The obedient proteges affirm that it is, and Amy immediately puts a man named Jeff to work by posing a familiar mock-scenario.

"Katelyn is your girlfriend and it's date night," she directs. "Bow, and begin!"

Poor Jeff makes a rookie mistake by qualifying that Katelyn looks pretty tonight, and, defeated, knows he's already doomed.

"You never say beautiful!" Jeff's adversary fires back, and though the man tries and tries to defend his choice of words, there's no use, and he's relegated to last-place plebe.

So, how does one handle an ornery date who may be on her period, and what's the best method to address a scowl? Check out the clip — and whatever you do, NEVER liken a woman to her mother.