Pink Bob
Scott Barbour / Craig Barritt, Getty Images

What is Rihanna, a notorious Instagrammer who loves using the service to post topless photos, going to do? With the announcement that the photo company will be changing its privacy policy and now claims the right to be able to sell user photos without any notification or payment, celebs have taken to Twitter –- how ironic! -- to announce that they will be canceling their accounts or abandoning them. 

It's a double whammy for the celebs who have embraced digital cultural and share lots of intimate images with their fans due to social media as a way to connect and communicate. They obviously don't want a corporation to profit from those photos they are sharing freely. 

It's also a blow to fans, as well, who have come to enjoy and expect images of new tattoos, newborns, clothes, kisses and other intimate moments via the service. It's certainly a bridge that connects artist to the fan. Or at least it was. 

Pink announced she is quitting the service and warned fans to read the rules, while B.o.B. threw shade about it on Twitter. 

One of Instagram's selling points is its celeb users. If there is a mass exodus due to the privacy policy change, it could cause more Average Joe and Jane users to vacate, too. 

Here is a roundup of what pop stars are saying about Instagram's new rules. Judging from their angry tweets, we'll be seeing a lot less of 'em.

what are we going to do about our instagram accounts?
So pretty much everyone's gonna stop using Instagram now, huh? I know I am...
Interesting move, instagram.
Y'all know y'all still gon be on Instagram tryna flex! Lol
When is this new @instagram policy going to be in effect? Need to know when to cancel my account...
Instagram played themselves.All it would take is a small fee paid 4 photos used.That'd b incentive for most.Greed=ruin
☝Hold up! : that's me possibly breaking up with Instagram...