Instagram is launching its first category-specific channel: @Music.

According to Buzzfeed, the vertical will post a daily update each week from Tuesday through Saturday. Followers can expect different editorial series and featured artists. However, @Music will focus on emerging talent as well.

“We’re looking to break artists,” Alex Suskind, music editor at Instagram, told BuzzFeed News. “One of the things we’re focusing on is emerging and unsigned talent who are using the platform to share their music and their stories in a unique way.”

The first two profiles will launch on April 29, and they'll cover the Roots' Questlove and a nascent math-rock band from Japan called Tricot. While short blurbs will be available on the @Music Instagram account, longer profiles will be shared on the company's blog.

To give you an idea of the impact music has on Instagram, Buzzfeed reports that more than 25 percent of the app's 300 million accounts belong to musicians. The most-followed person on Instagram is Beyonce.

“Artists are using Instagram as a companion to the art that they’re making,” Jonathan Hull, Instagram’s head of music partnerships said. “Musicians lead really interesting lives, and Instagram has become a way for them to show their fans who they are and to give them a look inside of their world.”

Similar channels could follow @Music. Hull said, “If we can help more members of the Instagram community find these great accounts, that’s going to make their experience on Instagram more rich."

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