Please. Make it stop. This rag tag group of kids, Intensity, has been on 'X Factor' for far too long now. People say some entities are too big to fail. Intensity is not one of them.

Seeing as the judges put this group together of acts who came to audition on their own, there's no wonder why they have absolutely no stage chemistry together. Their performance of Kelly Clarkson's 'My Life Would Suck Without You' seemed more like an awkward junior high pageant performance than that of one on a national television program with millions of viewers.

But we must mention there was a small silver lining to this Kidz Bop gone wrong performance. The girl who sang lead vocals was really good! No wonder she came to audition on her own! The 12 or 14 other members of Intensity were simply dragging her down. Would it have been too much for her to ask the other group members to just mouth the words while she sang?

Eventually, Intensity were sent packing. We're sure the members of the group can finally rest easy and continue their original dream of pursuing a career in music ... as a solo act.

Watch Intensity Perform One Last Time on 'X Factor'