Intensity is a blended group of cast-offs who couldn't cut the mustard as solo artists during the audition rounds of 'X Factor.' They have had a short window to grow together and the learning curve was steep, but tonight, the group showed what it's made of. Intensity performed a spunky, punchy and well-choreographed medley of 'The Clapping Song' and 'Footloose,' the latter of which is enjoying a pop culture resurgence thanks to the remake of the song and the film! So, essentially, Intensity used their hands and their feet and came up with something modern, hip and culturally relevant.

It's as though there's a whole soccer team (or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's family) on the stage when Intensity perform, and it all felt very 'Glee.' Like a baby's skull, all the pieces fused into one to form a strong whole.

Simon Cowell told Intensity that they are a musical miracle, since they were put together only a few weeks ago and needed time to mesh, gel and become a cohesive unit. And that they did. He also said they are a marketable commodity, through and through. He also complimented Paula Abdul on how they thrived under her tutelage.

If Ryan Murphy is looking to recast 'Glee' when the current crop graduates, he could take any member of the Intensity pool or the whole entire group and plunk them right smack dab in the middle of the show and be good-to-go.

Watch Intensity Perform on 'X Factor'