The 10-member second-chance club known as Intensity got the 'X Factor' judges tripping all over themselves in search of positive comments after their energetic mashup of Kim Wilde's 1982 smash 'Kids in America' and LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem.' 

The group of youngsters -- who despite their name tragically don't seem to be inspired in the least by Ted Nugent's 1981 live album 'Intensities in 10 Cities' -- expressed a desire not to be over-Disneyfied by mentor Paula Abdul in footage shot prior to their performance.

They seemed pleased enough that they had avoided that fate after their performance, which seemed largely driven not by any particular vocal talent, but instead by the thumping synth-rock background and over the top background visuals to our eyes and ears.

The judges, however all seemed to agree they did a great job. L.A. Reid announced that he had three words for the youths -- "Fun, fun, fun!" Not to be outdone in oversimplifying things, Nicole Scherzinger declared Intensity "funtastic" and 'fun-onmenal."

Even Mr. Grumpypants Simon Cowell had to admit, "That was terrific. I like that there's a bit of a rebellion going on here, where you insisted to change the style of the music to suit you. I shouldn't like you but I do."

Abdul seemed to revel in this admission from her former 'Idol' partner, spelling out her feelings as such: "We are P-R-O-U-D. Thank you guys for putting him in his place!"

Watch Intensity Perform 'Kids in America' and 'Party Rock Anthem' on the 'X Factor'