Following Whitney Houston's funeral today, reports have surfaced that her inner circle will launch an investigation into leaked photos of the hotel room where she died.Radar Online reports that certain outlets have been publishing photos that could only have come from someone extremely close to the fallen legend.

Photos of the bathtub where Houston died (still filled with water and towels floating in it) were particularly disturbing. Other shots included the starlet's final meal (a turkey sandwich, jalapenos, fries and a burger) and a haunting image of Houston's covered body being removed from the Beverly Hilton where she spent her final days.

Radar reports that Houston's closest circle is launching an investigation to find the source of the leaks. They quite understandably see the sale of the photos as a betrayal to the friendship and memory of Houston.

Houston's invitation-only funeral will be held today at 12PM ET at the New Hope Baptist Church. The service will stream online for fans to memorialize and mourn the star without intruding on her family and friends' privacy.