Oh Internet! You've allowed every and any one to display their creativity and their artistry, as demonstrated by 'A Duet With Siri,' this new viral video celebrating the hotter-than-hot and much-buzzed about iPhone4 app!

In case you're not up on current tech trends, Siri is the new iPhone 4 app that serves as a scheduling assistant and she even talks back to you. So futuristic. While she's not a hot chick nor is she Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' fashionable daughter, she is fun to duet with, even if she is by-the-book. How ironic that a tech app is so staid and straight-laced. You can sing to Siri and profess your love but she's not having any of it. So just stop!

Musician Jonathan Mann has offered up his special and quite humorous song that's anchored by his vocal/lyrical interplay with Siri. He asks her if she loves him, to which she repeats "Okie dokie." She says that a lot. He tells her she is beautiful, but she doesn't like compliments or arbitrary categories! So "technical," in more ways than one, right? He wants to wed her, but she proclaims that her end user licensing agreement does not cover marriage. Time to LOL!

He asks her what she looks like, to which she emphatically states that "in the cloud no one cares what you look like!" She is also incapable of love. Oh Internet! We can't imagine what life was like before you.

Watch 'A Duet With Siri'