Despite being pelted with paint while performing, Irish singer Lisa Hannigan is having a grand ol' time in the video for her latest single, 'Knots.'

Wearing white and armed with a ukelele, the artful clip shows the dainty musician enduring people spray painting her dress, throwing buckets of paint on her and dripping the stuff from above. The bright colors and aggressiveness of the "painting" increase as the video progresses, evoking flashbacks of Matt and Kim's 'Yea Yeah' video.

We give the 30-year-old songbird credit for keeping a straight face during the video, even as paint seeps into her eyes. The whole time, you don't know whether to applaud out of joy or cringe as the presumably foul-tasting (but hopefully non-toxic) liquid oozes into her mouth.

The singer-songwriter is best known for performing alongside Damien Rice before pursuing a solo career. She has toured with the likes of Jason Mraz and David Gray, and sang on a song that was featured on an episode of the hit ABC series 'Grey's Anatomy.'

The video for 'Knots' premiered on NPR's All Things Considered on Tuesday, and Hannigan's new album, 'Passenger,' arrives on Sept. 20.

Watch the Lisa Hannigan 'Knots' Video