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Isaac Hanson's New Baby

Here's a fun fact about myself that is pretty darn obvious to anyone who knows me: Hanson are my favorite band, and have been since I was a tiny little 8-year-old rocking out to 'Middle of Nowhere' in my living room. So of course I have stayed up-to-date (it is kind of my job) with all of the goings-on with the band over the years, including the brothers' ever-expanding brood of kids. Between Isaac, Taylor and Zac, the brothers Hanson have a collective group of 11 kids, now that Isaac's latest bundle of joy has arrived. While the guys and their wives tend to skew on the more, shall we say, unique side of baby names, I'm more of a fan of original-but-traditional. That being said, I am all about Isaac's new edition -- his first baby girl -- Nina Odette. The name is super old-fashioned sounding, but in a glamorous, black-and-white movie star way (not like a mothballs-in-the-attic, Grandma kind of way). In such a male-dominated family, little miss Nina joins her older female cousins Junia Rose Ruth (Zac's daughter) and Penny and Wilhelmina (Taylor's daughters) as yet another girl in the Hanson clan -- not to mention, of course, the seven boys that the brothers have between them. Congratulations, Ike!

James Van Der Beek Lending an Underage Justin Timberlake His I.D. in the '90s

I'll pause for a moment to let you read that headline again. I repeat: James Van Der Beek once let an underage Justin Timberlake borrow his I.D. to sneak into a Vegas club in the '90s. I just... There's no... What? Seriously, was there any doubt that this deliciously nostalgic item would make my list of crushes this week? Dawson freaking Leery allowed a mop-topped, platinum blonde fro-wearing JT use his license to get into a bar. In Las Vegas. Where, presumably, 'Hangover'-like antics ensued (well, at least in my imagination). Thanks to Van Der Beek revealing this gem this week, I can now sleep more soundly at night, knowing that one of the Capeside gang hung out, partied and went a little buckwild with one of my favorite '90s boy bands. The sweet, satisfied slumber of nostalgia.

The Sociology of Miley Cyrus Class

As someone who was a sociology major in college and is pop culture-obsessed, I would be all over that Sociology of Miley Cyrus course that Skidmore is offering if I were still in school (and, of course, actually went to Skidmore). Like it or not, Miley is making a statement about what it means to be female in our society -- and, in a way, she has started a sexual revolution of her own, showing girls and women that they shouldn't be afraid to express their sexuality in any way that they want. Yeah, it might be a little over-the-top, but that's Miley for ya. I'd be super interested in exploring her behavior from a sociological standpoint and delving deeper into the affects that society (and the media, and the fame, and so on) have on Miley -- but also the affects that Miley has on them as well.