If you're a fan of Demi Lovato, chances are that you probably recognized this meaningful tattoo right away. The words "Stay" and "Strong," along with a little red heart, are permanently inked on Lovato's wrists.

The singer got the tattoo to motivate her through the hard times -- in 2010, Lovato sought treatment for a number of physical and emotional problems -- and and as a reminder of all of her adoring fans.

Lovato spoke to MTV about her tattoos (she has between nine and 10 in total), specifically pointing out the tattoos on her wrists as one of her most significant. She said, "My fans constantly said it the entire time I was in treatment ... And while they said it they would also put a little heart. I have a signature heart that I dot my I's with."

She continued, "So my fans would draw it on their wrists every day until I came out of treatment. And I thought, 'What better way to thank them?' That's a connection I have with my fans I don't see with many other people. And it's really cool that I have that; it's really special."