There's one thing that singer IYAZ knows how to do well and that's making catchy pop tunes. We already give him props for his song 'Pretty Girls,' which he recently shot a video for in Miami. And his latest leak sounds like a sure-fire pop hit, as well.

'Last Forever' is the perfect feel-good jam for both the clubs and house parties everywhere. The pounding house beat and bouncy synthesizers should induced instant booty shaking upon listening.

The celebratory lyrics from IYAZ are also refreshing to hear as he encourages people to leave their troubles behind and dance to rhythm of the beat. The crooner sings on the hook, "'Cause tonight we won't remember / With the people we can never forget / So raise your glass and just surrender / Feelin is right / Just give in tonight/ Make it last forever / Stay in this moment together."

In-demand studio wizard David Guetta produced the track and it doesn't stray away from his usual club-friendly formula but what set this ditty apart are IYAZ lyrics -- it simply makes you feel good.

Expect to hear this song through Labor Day and quite possibly until the end of the year at your favorite New Year's Eve party. IYAZ's 'Last Forever' is at the top of PopCrush's heavy-rotation playlist.

Listen to IYAZ, 'Last Forever'