IYAZ has picked the winner of the 'Pretty Girls' contest! The lucky recipient of a brand new iPad 2 is Carlee, who was one of five finalists. Carlee not only gets an iPad 2 with Wi-Fi, but also a message personalized from IYAZ himself. All she had to nab the iPad and a customized shout out from the singer was to tweet him and include a video of herself explaining why she should be IYAZ's 'Pretty Girl,' without referencing physical beauty. Trust us, it's not easy to do!

So what did Carlee do in the space of 30 seconds that made IYAZ reward her with a covetable gadget like the iPad 2? She says that she "can make other people feel beautiful" and that she is "accepting of people no matter who they are" and "sees people for their true beauty." Those are certain qualities of someone who is pretty on the inside and out and judging from her comments, Carlee more than deserves her new iPad 2.

Congrats, Carlee! You are truly a 'Pretty Girl!'

Watch IYAZ Announce Carlee as the 'Pretty Girls' Winner