Lots of pretty girls populate the landscape of IYAZs new video for his song 'Pretty Girls.' That should not shock you at all, with the title of the song being 'Pretty Girls' and all.

Here, IYAZ snaps photos of all the pretty girls against a mobile graffiti backdrop, as they pose and show off their hot bodies, their pretty faces and flash lots of million dollar smiles. What's more simple and satisfying than a pretty girl in a city letting us see her grin?

Not much! This video is breezy, smile-inducing, end-of-summer clip. It gives off light, free energy.

IYAZ looks perfectly happy and comfortable taking photos of the honies who are more than happy to pose for him. With these subjects, any red-blooded male would not mind shelling out a few bucks for a decent camera to become an amateur shutterbug. Also, it'll make the viewer realize IYAZ's lyrical dilemma of trying to pick the "right one" out of so many viable options is harder than you might initially think, based on the cornucopia of attractive women that pass through the lens as IYAZ celebrates the pretty gals.

Travie McCoy shows up, delivers his lyrical parts, with a bit of a cute smirk on his face. Katy Perry's ex is, of course, surrounded by a bevy of babes, too.

What's most exciting about IYAZ's video is that it makes regular women who are walking down the street look and feel like models for a day.

Watch the IYAZ 'Pretty Girls' Video