As we announced a couple of weeks back, PopCrush and Beluga Heights are giving away an iPad 2 personalized by ‘Pretty Girls' singer IYAZ. May of you submitted YouTube entries explaining why you should be IYAZ’s pretty girl; now the hitmaker himself wants to share his top picks!

"So I've been searching for my Pretty Girl, and after going through all of the videos that you sent me, here's my Top 5," IYAZ dishes.

So who are his favorites? He gives a shot out to:

Kim: She's got a "golden heart" and "a lot of emotions."
Jessica: Originally from Malawi, says, "I'm not scared of expressing myself" and "I want people to love me for who I am."
Lisa: Claims she's the "funny girl" and is "proud of who [she] is."
Charmaine: Calls herself "humble," "talented" and "down to earth."
Carlee: Says she "can make other people feel beautiful," is "accepting of people no matter who they are," and "sees people for their true beauty."

So guys, who's your favorite? We want to know! We''ll be choosing a winner on or about Aug. 15. And don't forget to download ‘Pretty Girls’ from iTunes!

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