Rapper J. Cole addresses the issue of teen pregnancy and abortion in his new video for 'Lost Ones.' According to the 'Work Out' rapper, the video was actually filmed in 2008 before he was even signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation label.

In the clip, which was directed by BB Gun, Hollywood Cole and his female co-star, Antoinette Lenae, play an unmarried couple dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. The North Carolina rapper tells his girlfriend that he's unable to care for a baby and advises her to get an abortion. "Think about it, baby, me and you we still kids ourselves / How we gonna raise a kid by ourself? / Handle biz by ourself?" he raps.

For the next scene, Cole speaks from the perspective of the girlfriend who plans to keep the baby despite an uncertain future. "Now I'm pregnant, you don't wanna get involved, m-----F---a? / Tryna take away a life, is you God, m-----F---a? I don't think so," he rhymes. By the end of the video, J. Cole is staring in an empty playground, pondering his future as a father.

We have to give props to J. Cole for tackling a real-life social issue in his music. The fans' response to the video has been very positive, so far. Rappers need to follow in J. Cole's lead and make more socially-conscious songs and videos like this.

Watch the 'J. Cole, 'Lost Ones' Video