Jennifer Lopez and her rock hard, ripped abs shared still photos of themselves from the forthcoming 'Dance Again' video. Lopez's somewhat new boyfriend, dancer Casper Smart, is also in the shots, and boy are they steamy. Yes, we meant the photos and the happy couple. Both are fogging up the monitor. The video is set to premiere during Thursday's elimination episode (April 5) of 'American Idol,' but these images are hot enough to have you sweating with anticipation.

J. Lo has built her entire empire on being hot, and by the looks of her belly, you'd never think she had twins. Seriously, she's ripped. That studded, two piece outfit shows off her hard-earned and toned body.

You can sense the sexual sizzle and romantic chemistry between Lopez, 42, and Smart, 24, who reverse roles in these shots. First, she is seen clasping the shirtless and tattooed boy toy from behind. He is wearing a blindfold that reads "Love is blind" and she is clinging to him, whispering a sweet nothing in his ear. There's a futuristic bend to the photos, with Lopez's hair is pulled into a taut, slicked bun, which she pairs with silvery smoky eye shadow and Minx-style metallic nail polish.

In the second image, he is behind her, wrapping the blindfold around her eyes. All sorts of themes of love and trust are implicit in these sexy shots.

'Dance Again' finds Lopez reuniting with Pitbull and RedOne, with whom she worked on 'On the Floor,' another dance jam whose video premiered via the 'Idol' platform.

Be sure and tune in Thursday night at 8PM ET to find out who of the Top 8 is voted off, and to enjoy J. Lo's scorcher of a vid.