Recently ousted 'American Idol' contestant Jacee Badeaux remains abuzz on pop culture's radar. He visited Ellen DeGeneres' talk show, and just today, popped by local Lafayette radio station 107.9, located in his home state of Louisiana, to recall his 'Idol' experience. Badeaux made it as far as the initial Top 40 on the show before being sent home.
The 15-year-old Badeaux, whom Jennifer Lopez urged not to give up on his musical aspirations in the very episode he was voted off, is incredibly grown up, despite being thrust into the throes of fame. "School is about the same," high schooler Badeaux says. "My friends treat me the same. I want them to. It keeps me grounded, but people know who I am and a lot more people notice me." The aspiring singer even cut PE class in order to do this radio interview, accompanied by mom, of course.

Badeaux also threw props to his home state, which supported him throughout his 'Idol' run, saying, "It's nice to be from Louisiana, everyone is real supportive like a big family." He even spoke briefly about the Group Week portion of 'Idol,' where he was done dirty by Clint Jun Gamboa, who did not advance to the Top 10 this week. Badeaux, as is customary with this smart kid with a big heart, was diplomatic and did not diss Gamboa. He also did not see the singer get sent home because he was attending his school talent show and supporting friends.

Gotta love that Jacee. Let's hope he auditions again next year.