Queen's bar anthem 'Fat Bottomed Girls' got the 'American Idol' treatment tonight courtesy of Jack Black and the often enigmatic Casey Abrams.

Black, who is mostly known for his comedic roles in major Hollywood comedies, actually has a musical background and even has his own parody band Tenacious D, so it wasn't a surprise to see Black belt out the upbeat paean to curvy gals.

Black and Abrams wore matching gray silk suits and engaged in a little comedic vocal interplay. With their beards, they could be a new millennium version of the Blues Brothers. Come on, you know it's not that far fetched. Since both men are not naturally gifted singers, they were able to capitalize on their rough and gruff, unconventional and edgy style for what could turn out to be the most fun and footloose performance of the evening.

It was more complimentary than you'd think.

Watch Casey Abrams and Jack Black Perform 'Fat Bottomed Girls' on 'American Idol'