Justin Bieber and Jack Osbourne? Now those are two gentleman whose paths rarely, if ever, cross, right? Actually, Jack's dad, heavy metal godfather Ozzy Osbourne, starred in a Best Buy Super Bowl commercial with The Biebs in 2011, so there is a link there.

However, Jack, who is a new father himself, has expressed his concern for The Biebs via –where else? -- Twitter.

We posted a rather lengthy opinion piece on our concerns about our beloved Biebs and it turns out we are not the only ones who are thinking about his well-being, since he has been seen with blunts, cussing out the press and seeking medical attention for breathing issues.

Osbourne posted the following tweet, basically summing up what we said in 140 characters.

He also posted that The Biebs did not realize that the British press can be a harsh and underestimated the fact that the media corps in the U.K. can be a cruel mistress. "PS someone clearly didn't tell him to not f--- with the British press," he wrote.

That much is true. The Biebs and his antics across the pond are certainly under a microscope and the negative publicity is at an all-time high.

Watch the Justin Bieber + Ozzy Osbourne Best Buy Commercial