Button-cute and squeaky clean singer Jackson Guthy is the newest kid on the teen pop block, tearing a page right out of the Justin Bieber/Greyson Chance playbook with his sound, his look, and his hair. Guthy's new video for 'Loving' is part ode to California, part ode to skateboarding, and part celebration of falling in love for the first time and indulging those feelings with a smooch.

The young singer is in possession of an utterly cherubic voice ala his peer Chance and when he sings "L-o-v-i-n-g is all I need," you can't help but emit a chorus of "Awws." Guthy is as wholesome as they come and should set the hearts of 12-year-old female fans aflutter as this video starts to go viral.

While the video zeroes in on the Golden State and lots of outdoor activities, things get interesting and compelling Guthy comes this close to engaging in his first kiss with a pretty blonde. They are hanging out by the ocean with fireworks erupting in the sky as Guthy caresses the face of his gal pal. They don't smooch on camera, but the sentiment is certainly there.

There are few experiences as resonant and memorable as a first kiss or a first love, and the events of Jackson Guthy's 'Loving' video remind us of that fact.

Watch the Jackson Guthy 'Loving' Video