When it comes to cute girls in the local roller rink, Jacob Latimore indeed likes 'em all. The 15-year-old R&B prodigy released a video for his single, 'I Like 'Em All', featuring rapper Issa.

Whereas the lyrics of the song refer to liking all of a girl's flaws (how romantic!), the video contradicts the message slightly, implying that he likes all of every girl's flaws. In the clip, Latimore and Issa meander around a roller rink, shoot some pool and linger around the arcade, with Latimore serenading a new girl in each scene.

The video for the original version of the song featured Diggy Simmons instead of Issa and had a comic book theme and a poppier sound. The new song and video appeal to a slightly older audience, but both tracks are catchy and appealing. Decide which one you like best -- watch both videos below!

Watch the Jacob Latimore 'I Like 'Em All' Featuring Issa

Watch the Jacob Latimore 'I Like 'Em All' Featuring Diggy Simmons