Jacob Latimore shows off his voice on his debut single 'Like 'Em All,' a laid-back R&B track on which the 15-year-old collaborates with 16-year-old rapper Issa.

Produced by frequent Michael Jackson collaborator Teddy Riley, 'Like 'Em All' is built around a gentle piano melody. As Latimore's falsetto kicks off the track, Issa jumps in with a verse dedicated to a girl: "Imma steal your heart girl, call me a criminal / Talkin' bout my baby, you, no subliminal."

When Latimore sings, "I like 'em all," the immediate impression is that he likes all the girls. But the truth is much sweeter. He actually has his eye on one particular girl, and the "'em" refers to her imperfections:

"I like 'em all, yeah I like 'em all / It don't matter to me cause I like the way you are / Every single one of your flaws, I like 'em all / It don't matter cause you got my heart."

With a nice groove and endearing lyrics, 'Like 'Em All' is an impressive debut from a young performer who we'll probably be hearing a lot from over the next several years.

Latimore is already proving himself to be quite an all-around talent. He has acted in episodes of 'One Tree Hill' and 'So Random!' and has reportedly been cast in a new BET show called 'Young Man on Campus.'

Listen to Jacob Latimore's 'Like 'Em All' Featuring Issa