Last night on 'American Idol,' the five remaining contestants had to pick songs from "Now and Then." For his second performance, gospel powerhouse Jacob Lusk sang the classic 'Love Hurts,' which had been recorded by a plethora of artists, from Roy Orbison's 1961 version to hard rock group Nazareth recording their 1975 rendition.

Lusk was nervous about stepping outside of his comfort zone into rock, but his performance didn't show it. Lusk is capable of hitting both high and low notes, and it was as if he was taking us on a vocal roller coaster ride during 'Love Hurts.' He started the emotional rock ballad in a very high register, proceeded to get deeper in the middle of the song, and finished with a soulful bang, never losing the R&B quality to his voice.

Steven Tyler was moved by Jacob's passion, saying, "You kind of got lost in the song, but that's a beautiful thing ... I hope they can feel that at home." Jennifer Lopez kind of took the same route, remarking, "When you hear that type of vocal it just takes you to another place." Randy Jackson had some interesting things to say, comparing Lusk to Mariah Carey, saying, "That might have been the highest note ever sung on this stage!"

So will Jacob Lusk make it through another week of 'American Idol'? Or has America had enough? We will just have to wait until tonight to see!

Watch Jacob Lusk Sing 'Love Hurts'