Soulful R&B singer Jacob Lusk was voted off of 'American Idol' this week. Despite his overly emotional and unforgettable style, not to mention the fact that he could hit notes that were so high that they reached the heavens, Lusk wasn't able to compete with the remaining four and was sent home.

While Randy Jackson once commented that Lusk delivered the best performance on 'American Idol' ever, the curtain closed for the college dropout with the big dream. Keep dreaming, Jacob! You sing way too beautifully for this to be the end of the road for you in the music world. It's merely the end of the 'Idol' road for you.

Before ripping through his exit song, Lusk told host Ryan Seacrest that he was happy that he got to share a piece of himself with America, and that "I think America fell in love with me." Well, Jacob, we definitely were crushing on you as we got to know you. Lusk also said his mission is to bring back that old school R&B that is reminiscent of singers like Luther Vandross.

That's an excellent goal for Lusk to have, and like many 'American Idol' contestants who went deep into the competition but didn't actually win, there's a future for Jacob Lusk. He has too much soul to fade away.

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