If you're one of the many people who helped Jacob Whitesides' EP A Piece of Me hit the top spot on the Singer/Songwriter chart following the 2015 Grammy Awards, then you're about to be super stoked for what we have in store for you today (Feb. 23). Jacob just released the lyric video for his song "Not My Type At All," which you can check out above.

The video itself is pretty simple. It shows Jacob sitting on a stool in front of a white backdrop, performing "Not My Type At All," while the lyrics pop up onscreen as he sings. The track is a slow, guitar-driven song in which Jacob describes a girl he's fallen for who doesn't happen to be his type. He sings, "She’s got tangled hair and cigarettes / Cursing like a sailor on the ocean in her eyes / But she’s not my type at all / Five star dinner with a t-shirt on / Laughing too loud and a bit too long / And I think she’s not my type at all."

And, like, isn't that such a relatable thing? We're all guilty of dreaming up our ideal partner, and some of us even have specific types we tend to go after -- subconsciously or not. But sometimes you can't help but fall for someone when you least expect it, and it might feel totally weird and wrong but, in the wise words of Selena Gomez, the heart wants what it wants, you know?

Check out Jacob's video above and let us know what you think! You can also catch him on tour, opening for Fifth Harmony!