Jacob Whiteside -- known for his fantastic covers -- just uploaded a super brief version of Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space' to Vine, and we are totally obsessed with it. He plays a nice, stripped down version of the song, with just his guitar to accompany his killer vocals.

The brevity of Vine clips is seriously killing us here, because we'd love a full version of Jacob's take on the song. It has a decidedly different feel to it, and while we love Taylor's version (because, hello, it's incredible), we're always open to hearing any covers we come across.

What do you guys think? Check out Jacob's clip of 'Blank Space' above and let us know! Are you eagerly awaiting a full version of the song? Have any ideas for future covers songs he could perform? We have to admit, one of our favorite is his version of Pararmore's 'Still Into You,' which you can check out here, so we're excited for whatever he comes up with next!

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