Jaden Smith, one of 2015's most influential teens, has decided to fashion his platform into a spiritual shepherd's crook.

According to an unnamed source interviewed by Us Weekly, Smith, who once famously decried institutional education, fancies himself a metaphysical guide, and he'll turn his musings into a book.

"Jaden sees himself as a modern-day prophet and is working on a collection of essays,” the source said. “They’re new takes on string theory and chaos theory, but more mystical."

(For those with lapsed subscriptions to Physics Today, string theory centers on the idea that certain particles in the universe are replaced by one-dimensional strings, and is usually cited in discussions and exploration of black holes; chaos theory is sort of a butterfly effect-study.)

Pretty ambitious project, right? Thankfully, Smith will have some otherworldly helpers at his beck and call, the source explains.

"Jaden thinks he has spiritual ties to people in other dimensions and galaxies, and they are helping him write," the source noted. "He hopes to have a spiritual following when he releases these." Do phantom sales figure into the New York Times Best Seller list? Let's not forfeit practicality, here...

Would you pick up a copy of the new philosopher's book? Share your thoughts on his latest project in the comments below.

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