Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber aren't just pals, they're collaborators. Will Smith's spawn paid yet another tribute to Biebs when he rapped over his latest hit, 'Boyfriend.'

Smith's track, 'Flame (Just Cuz),' doesn't feature any vocals from his Canadian superstar buddy, but his flow is so smooth that they would just seem unnecessary.

You can hear the "swag" whispers in the background, and Smith even references a "swag hat," something he wore matching with Bieber previously. The lyrics are sure to make you feel really old, too -- Smith references twerking, touching a girl's derriere and making a lucky lady his "Mrs. Huxtable." This 'Karate Kid' is no kid anymore, and he lets you know it:

"Get up on this ’cause I’m looking for a hot one / Talking ’bout a boyfriend / Hope that you ain’t got one / Even if you do, we can make it work though / I’m not a jerk, I just wanna see you twerk / Oh geez / Back it up until you feel my hands touching you / I was just trying to kick it but now I think I’m in love with you.

Almost just as intriguing as his Drake-like sound (he even references "YOLO") is that at the song's conclusion, apparently Smith hurts himself -- you can hear him yelling "ouch." What happened?!

Listen to Jaden Smith, 'Flame (Just Cuz)'