Jai Brooks is moving on from Ariana Grande, he announced in a recent interview with CapitalFM.

In fact, the Janoskians star (who split from the 'Problem' singer last month) is not letting anything keep him feeling down at this time in his life -- especially not any hard, post-breakup feelings.

"I’m good, I’m very good. I'm just focused on our movie and our upcoming tour," the Aussie said about being single. "I’m not going to let emotions get in the way of anything, that’s for sure, because we are too damn busy right now and I’m just moving on, chilling with the boys, getting closer with our fans. So yeah, I’m okay."

And as for just how close they'll get with their fans, well, the Janoskian fanbase may be in for a little bit of a surprise.

"We’re going to kiss a few fans," the guys said. "We don’t plan to but we end up kissing people." Whoa!

Brooks continued with the candor on the radio show -- and even possibly throwing some shade at Grande.

"I like a girl that will allow me to be myself without getting pissed off 24/7, and that has my sense of humor," he explained. Yikes. That's a not-too-subtle dig if we've ever heard one.

But Brooks is not the only one moving on from the relationship -- Grande is too, recently dropping her new track 'Best Mistake' and gearing up for the release of her sophomore album, 'My Everything.' And did we mention that 'Problem' continues to be one of the biggest hits of the summer? So yeah, Ari's good.

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