Lights, leather, sexy women playing electric guitars on stilts ... Jamar Rogers' version of 'Are You Gonna Go My Way' by Lenny Kravitz had just about everything a rock star could pack into one two-minute performance on network television. The Bronx born and raised singer got the night's loudest and longest standing ovation.

Cee Lo Green stood with the audience as his team member took in the adulation. There's great unity on Team Cee Lo this year; they all wear red. It wouldn't be surprising to see his cat Purrfect in a little red jacket next week. When Rogers finished Green gave a locker room like speech to fire up the crowd and pump up his singer. Of all the contestants who performed on Monday night, it would be most surprising if Rogers were in the bottom three come Tuesday.

"This moment proves you embody what this show is," Adam Levine said seconds before commercial. Blake Shelton however, disagreed. He didn't care for the circus like performers, or Rogers running through their legs as the women wailed on red electric guitars. "Jamar is too good to have all that crap," he said. Shelton was playing the role of curmudgeon all night long, admitting he doesn't value heavy production like his pop-counterparts.

Time ran out on the show before anyone really got to respond to Rogers' high-octane performance. The singer is already a fan-favorite having come back from a drug addiction and a battle with HIV. It's doubtful a few wise words from the four coach's will be need to keep him in the competition.

Watch Jamar Rogers Perform 'Are You Gonna Go My Way' on 'The Voice'