Grease is the word, at least according to James Corden.

The comedian staged an elaborate tribute to the iconic musical during a sketch for The Late Late Show that aired Tuesday night (April 7). The hilarious bit featured some of the most beloved songs from the musical, but the performance included a twist: It was reenacted on a busy L.A. street instead of at Rydell High.

It all started when James began talking about what would eventually go down during the performance. "Today's the day, opening night, you know all the work has been leading to this moment right now and I've been so excited about the company put together for this theatrical event," James said, channeling a musical theatre director. "The musical we're going to performing out there — I'm so excited to tell you this — is a little known musical you might have heard of called Grease."

The group performed "Summer Nights," "Greased Lightning" and "We Go Together." Naturally, James played Danny Zuko (and had an epic meltdown over the whereabouts of his iconic leather jacket).

The highlight of the video comes once the show starts and you start to see L.A. drivers pull out their cellphones to capture the whole ridiculous thing. At one point they even start to pantomime washing a driver's car — and James climbs on top of it.

Moral of the story? This video is worth a watch.

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