Tonight on 'American Idol,' contestants are singing songs from "Now and Then," and rock god James Durbin pulled out all of the stops for his performance. The vocal powerhouse chose the 30 Seconds to Mars hit 'Closer to the Edge,' and Durbin's rendition lived up to the band's and then some.

Stepping out wearing a studded denim vest reading 'Give Metal a Chance' on the back, Durbin kept his heavy metal flair while delivering a moving vocal performance. When he reached the line, " We all fall short of glory / Lost in our fate," Durbin showed off how he can hit those strong, drawn out notes.

The judges loved Durbin, and even guest mentor/superstar singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow is a huge fan, getting giddy like a little girl as she sang along with the Durbs during practice. Steven Tyler tells Durbin, "I think you kicked that song's a--." J. Lo spoke of Durbin's passion, and Jackson commended the contestant on "showing where [he] can go as an artist," referring to his song choice.

Watch James Durbin Perform 'Closer to the Edge' on 'American Idol'