James Durbin -- an early-on favorite to win Season 10 of 'American Idol,' but we all know how that went -- is planning to release his debut album this November. The singer, currently on tour as part of the 'American Idols Live!' trek, is pumped about that very notion. But, really, would you expect anything less from the hyper, high-pitched, heavy metal lovin' vocalist?

"I'm super pumped," the Durbs told Wet Paint Entertainment. "I'm listening to songs. I'm doing co-writes with bands that I love. My favorite band in the entire world is a band called Hardcore Superstar and they're from Sweden. I'm having a conference call with them next week and they're going to be writing two songs for me, so I'm freaking out."

See, winning 'Idol' isn't the be-all, end-all for contestants! The favorites and runners up always reap rewards by virtue of being on the show!

While Durbin is living the dream and dreaming the life, stardom is not without its drawbacks, namely the fact that he is away from his family for a large chunk of time. As a young father, that distance and separation is draining for the emotional Durbin. "I got to see them around show six, seven and eight, and we're on show 32, so I have not seen them other than Skype and calling," he said about his family. "And that's heavy."

Heavier than the metal music that Durbin brought to the 'Idol' stage last season is Durbin's work ethic and building a better life for his family through his career. At least he is able to communicate with them regularly thanks to the wonders of technology. We're psyched to hear Durbin's album when it comes out, too.