'American Idol' contestant James Durbin made no secret about his love for heavy metal -- performing a Bon Jovi song mid-season and sharing the stage with Judas Priest on the finale -- but he also shows his affinity for and ability to handle pop punk with his cover of Green Day's ballad 'Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).'

While one would think Durbin would be best suited to roar over an '80s power ballad, one of his strongest suits during the season was his ability to get tender and turn the tables following particularly bombastic performances.

However, the reason that the song is pitch-perfect for Durbin is because the lyrical content mirrors his 'Idol' experience. He had the time of his life and he was that something unpredictable.

Durbin is known for his over-the-top, high-pitched vocal caterwauling, but he shows off his subdued and tender side. His voice is the right match for the implicit and inherent emotional nature of the song, along with the tingle of the acoustic guitar. Clearly, the Durbs is nowhere near as nasally as Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong, but what he lacks in adenoidal he makes up for in range and feeling. Essentially, Durbin sings like he wrote this song and like it means something to him.

Overall, it's a little faster, a little louder, a little more Durbinized.

We knew we’d hear from Durbin again and we're glad that he is continuing to do things that are against the grain and not always a no-brainer for him.

His song is featured on a new five-song EP, titled ‘American Idol Season 10 Highlights.’ The EP was released today, June 28.

Listen to James Durbin Cover Green Day's 'The Time of Your Life'