'American Idol' was treated to a some metal last night with James Durbin's performance of the theme song to the 1980 animated flick 'Heavy Metal.' The song 'Heavy Metal' was originally performed by Van Halen frontman (at least when David Lee Roth isn't around) Sammy Hagar.

During rehearsals, both Jimmy Iovine and will.i.am warned Durbin that this song may be a bad choice. However, Durbin showed that he has some major guts by telling them he was going to perform the song despite their opinions. Durbin then pleaded with America, saying, "Give metal a chance!"

Durbin proved that America should indeed give metal a chance during his electrifying performance. The 'Idol' hopeful was joined onstage by iconic guitarist Zakk Wylde, who is a founding member of Black Label Society and former guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne. Durbin's performance was pure metal, with the singer belting out high-pitched, spine-tingling notes as Wylde delivered a face-melting solo.

The judges and the crowd went wild for Durbin's vigor and enthusiasm, and so did the rock god he performed with -- Wylde tells Ryan Seacrest, "He sang his a-- off, man." Jennifer Lopez was blown away, proclaiming, "Who would've ever thought that on 'American Idol,' we would have metal?!" Jackson was also pumped up on Durbin energy, saying, "I could see you onstage with Avenged Sevenfold and Ozzy at the next Ozzfest. Durbin rocks!"

You are right, Randy! Durbin definitely rocks! We applaud the contestant for his courage. He took a risk by performing 'Heavy Metal,' and it paid off in the long run. We hope America feels the same!

Watch James Durbin Perform 'Heavy Metal' With Zakk Wylde