James Durbin fulfilled his promise to bring metal to 'American Idol.' On tonight's episode, the Durbinator, whom we truly believed had a chance to take the whole thing with his body of work this season, performed 'Living After Midnight' with British heavy metal icons Judas Priest.

It was a two horns up performance, where Durbin's high-pitched wail worked beautifully with Priest's ripping riffs, which are potent enough to make lightning shoot out of your living room walls. Priest plays real heavy metal and the pyrotechnic displays and overall visuals gave the mainstream 'Idol' audience a dose of hellfire rock 'n' roll cred.

Durbin (who performed a Priest song earlier this season) and the band ultimately performed a two-song medley, which also included 'Breaking the Law.' Durbin and Priest vocalist Rob Halford were both cloaked in studded leather, which is standard issue heavy metal attire and it was the most unexpected performance of the night.

Long live metal, long live James Durbin.

Watch James Durbin and Judas Priest Perform 'Living After Midnight'