Don't make James Durbin angry. That's the message of the 'Love Me Bad' video, which finds the former 'American Idol' contestant setting everything in sight on fire in a fit of rage.

The song 'Love Me Bad' is about missing an old flame and wanting her back, but the video apparently catches Durbin in the middle of the "anger" phase of recovery. The rocker races out to the desert in a convertible. When he stops, he unloads a series of personal effects from the trunk -- lamps, tvs, dressers -- that presumably used to belong to his ex.

After beating everything to a pulp, he pulls out a can of gasoline and scorches the pile. Either James is a closet pyromaniac, or he's a guy who really doesn't like to get dumped.

Durbin performs the song with his band, surrounded by the smoldering remains, showing off the voice that allowed him to reach the final four in Season 10 of 'Idol.' 'Love Me Bad' appears on Durbin's forthcoming debut album, ‘Memories of a Beautiful Disaster.’

Watch the James Durbin 'Love Me Bad' Video