The Durbinator is back. James Durbin was always one of PopCrush's favorite contestants from 'American Idol' Season 10! We even went so far as to predict that the talented singer would win the whole shebang. Obviously, we were wrong, since Scotty McCreery took home the crown back in May.

However, The Durbs is still going strong and has revealed the track listing for his upcoming debut album 'Memories of a Beautiful Disaster.' He won in other ways, right?! Despite not winning the show's top prize, he still nabbed a recording contract with Wind-Up Records fairly quickly and even wrote a batch of songs on his debut, so there's no stopping this rocker! James Durbin has arrived.

'Memories of a Beautiful Disaster' drops on Nov. 21, the same day as former 'Idol' contestant Daughtry. But given Durbin's penchant for balls-out rock and heavens-reaching vocals, we're sure he'll assert his place among shoppers on street date!

'Memories of a Beautiful Disaster' Track List:

1. 'Higher Than Heaven'
2. 'All I Want'
3. 'Love In Ruins'
4. 'Right Behind You'
5. 'Love Me Bad'
6. 'Deeper'
7. 'May'
8. 'Screaming'
9. 'Outcast'
10. 'Everything Burns'
11. 'Stand Up'