This one is gonna be tough, kids. James Maslow of Big Time Rush and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine are facing off for the title of Hottest (Male) Star of 2013. So, who do you find to be the sexiest male singer? Boy bander James, or pop-rock vocalist Adam?

While all of the Big Time Rush guys are incredibly handsome, there's just something about James Maslow that sets him apart. First, the man has super long eyelashes that perfectly frame those big brown eyes. Second, he has a smile that could melt the heart of the iciest person. Third, he is beyond buff, working out at the gym all the time to help tone his killer muscles. And finally, his sense of humor and kindness just make him that much hotter.

Then there's Adam Levine, who just drips sex. He has wooed tons of supermodels (most recently his soon-to-be wife, Behati Prinsloo), and has a legion of admirers that swoon over his every move. As a matter of fact, when word got out that he was engaged, there were mixed reactions, since people were happy for him, but those crushing on the 'Love Somebody' singer were left feeling, well, crushed. On top of his tip-top phsyical appearance, Levine also has a winning personality, as he's exhibited his charisma and humor on 'The Voice.'

So, who gets your vote for the hottest star? James Maslow or Adam Levine? You can vote up to once per hour below until this poll closes on Friday, August 30, at 2PM ET. Good luck!