The voice didn't match the singer, but it didn't matter for James Massone on 'The Voice' Monday night. The 23-year-old with the thick Boston accent sang Drake's 'Find Your Love' well enough to get three of the four coaches to turn around before settling on Cee Lo Green's team.

"He's white!" Adam Levine said, shocked after the kid's soulful performance. Levine was the only coach to remain facing backward. Christina Aguilera turned first, followed by Green and Blake Shelton. When he finished, the dark-haired singer broke down on stage, wiping away tears with his grey and maroon varsity jacket. Stylistically, Massone looked like he stepped out of a time machine set for 1992, but sonically he was very hip and contemporary.

"You waited to the end to fall apart, and that's a hard thing to do man," Shelton said, while making his case for the singer.

Earlier viewers learned about the auto-body worker's family and a close call he and his brother had in 2005. The were supposed to be inside a home-studio rapping when shots rang out and four people were killed. His family watched from the waiting room, but it looks like they'll have to take a little more time away from the family's business.

"I don't really wanna go back to the shop just yet," the singer said. He gets his wish.

Watch James Massone Sing Drake's 'Find Your Love' on 'The Voice'